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Actin Art is a science communication project that combines science and art. It aims to raise general public interest in the sciences and explain recent scientific discoveries. We are creating a series of short, illustrated, science-based books that accurately relay science via fun, adventure stories for 3-5 year olds.

As the science is accurate, the parents and teachers reading the stories to the children will learn too, and be better able to explain the science to the children. The characters in our stories are based on the real molecules, proteins and cells that scientists study in the lab. Our aim is that these books will inspire children and adults to become as excited as we are by cells, molecules and biology in general!

Actin Art


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School workshops


We recently held a workshop at the Lyonnais nursery located in the 5th arrondissement in Paris. After around 15 minutes of storytelling with our artwork, we held activities that related to some of our stories. This was a huge success, and the children were really engaged with our stories. After following-up with the school three months later we were delighted to discover that the children remembered some of the key concepts from our stories!

The school was very grateful for our involvement, and is looking forward to our next workshop – as are we! In fact, we would like to hold similar sessions in other nurseries (ages 3 – 5) around Paris. If you would like to invite us to hold one at your school – please e-mail us!


Scientific books for kids

We are delighted to announce that the first six albums of Esprits Curieux collection are published! These books are aimed at children aged 3+, and have been written by members of our group – working scientists who are specialists in their field and want to help children (and adults) become excited about science. For each book, the author and illustrator worked together to make the story both scientifically accurate, as well as exciting and beautiful.

!! NEW !! - Mailing available! To receive books at home, orger them at Esptrits Curieux collection website.

Cadherin is looking for a friend

Cadherin is alone in the huge expanse of the cell. She would love to find someone to play with, so she goes on an exciting adventure to find one!

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Kimy sounds the alarm

Inside the human body, a Chemokine protein (Kimy, to you and me) performs heroic acts every day. As a component of the immune system, she is responsible for maintaining a healthy body. One day, bacteria try to invade the body - fortunately, Kimy is waiting to stop them!

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Only for direct pick up from 11-13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 PARIS

Mr. Cancer wants to take over

All is well in the body until one of the billions of cells starts to multiply at an incredible rate. All these new cells form a ball that becomes M. Cancer. Quick, we have to find a solution before Mr. Cancer takes up all the space!

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Les plaquettes font barrage

Léo tombe en jouant au football. Aïe ! Son genou saigne. Heureusement les plaquettes sont là pour faire cesser le saignement.

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Génie a une idée

Le royaume Génome se compose d’une seule rue, la rue ADN. La famille Gène y vit paisiblement quand un jour un méchant Transposon veut s’y installer. Pour se faire une place, il veut détruire les habitations. Heureusement Génie a une idée.

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l’ADN préfère l'ombre.

Scarlett et son petit frère Joann profitent d’une belle journée ensoleillée à la plage.Joann, très concentré sur la construction de son château de sable, oublie que le soleil peut être dangereux. Heureusement, Scarlett est là pour lui rappeler les méfaits du soleil sur l’ADN.

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Only for direct pick up from 11-13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 PARIS


Kindle edition

To support covid pandemic Acine Association released kindle edition book 'Coronavirus loses the battle'. The Book is free and available amazon and elsewhere.

Coronavirus wants to conquer the world. Fortunately, Phagocyte and Lymphocyte are there to defend the human body.

Science writing competition

To recognise outstanding written talents by research scientists (pre-doc, post-doctoral, permanent scientist and PI ) and promote science cutting-edge science we are running our ‘Esprits Curieux’ Science Writing Competition “Scientific Tale for Toddles “ and invite you to submit your entry!

To enter you will need to submit an original piece of writing in the spirit of ‘Esprits Cureiux’ book collection for kids to asso.actine at gmail.com This could be a one page tale for 3-6 year old kid about science topic your are the specialist in. Scientific credibility and and fun are wellcome.


• The two winning stories will be illustrated and published in ‘Esprits Curieux’. • Winning authors will receive a cash prize - author rights for the book publishig.


Early : 3 Jan 2021 - Late : 1 Feb 2021

Actin Art
Actin Art

Eligibility and guidelines

The competition is open to all scientists.

Writing Entry should contain:

A. Title and subtitle

B. Short description (one to three sentences)

C: Actual story for kids - up to 1000 words. In the story humanized hero’s (cells, proteins, electrons or other) should participate in exciting scientific phenomenons (morphogenesis, proteins syntesis, magnetic currents or other).

D. Glossary - up to 300 words. Glossary for parents to explain what are characters and phenomenons.

Entries will be judged by scientists and proffessional youth editor to ensure scientific accuracy, the accessibility to kids and the interest to the general public.


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